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Joe Giunta started forex trading in 2015 as a way to invest in his future while devoting his life to the ministry. Since then, he has made thousands through trading and has become a full-time forex trader. Joe’s mission is to assemble like-minded, positive entrepreneurs from varying fields of expertise, and providing them with opportunities for personal development and investment skill sets that allow them to achieve massive profits.

At Trade And Get Paid, we’ve created a strong, interactive community of forex traders who challenge and support one another. The Mentorship Program empowers business owners by providing them the tools they need to succeed in forex trading, including access to a full library of resources, profitable trade setups, in-depth trading, and more.

Now, you can show your passion for forex trading and your commitment to our community with custom apparel and gear from Trade And Get Paid.

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At Trend Trading Academy, we will teach you the POWERFUL, life changing skill set of trading FOREX. You will join a strong community of traders studying the secrets to being consistently profitable. You will learn effective swing trading, day trading and scalping strategies. You will receive professional perspectives from our master traders with breakdowns of common trade errors and well-advised trade strategies.

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